February 2013
Mingfeng Zhang was awarded an International Investigative Dermatology 2013 World Congress Travel Fellowship Award to attend the IID2013 Annual Meeting, May 8-11, 2013, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

January 2012
It is with very mixed emotions that I announce the departure of Hongmei, who will be leaving our group to become assistant professor at University of Maryland as of April 1, 2012. Hongmei has contributed substantially to our group’s research in many different ways. She will be deeply missed by her colleagues and friends. Please join us in celebrating Hongmei’s outstanding achievements and in wishing her success in her new endeavor!

December 2011
Marina Kvaskoff is notified to receive the Marie Curie fellowship from Research Executive Agency of European Union. She will work on the link between melanoma and endometriosis with Stacey and Jiali.

October 2011
Press Releases (10th AACR International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, 2011)

Coffee Consumption Associated With Decreased Risk for Basal Cell Carcinoma (Fengju Song)

Increased Tanning Bed Use Increases Risk for Deadly Skin Cancers (Minfeng Zhang)

April 2011
Mingfeng Zhang has been selected to receive a Molecular Epidemiology Working Group of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) (MEG) Scholar-In-Training Award for the AACR 102nd Annual Meeting 2011, in Orlando, FL, USA, April 2-6, 2011.  The MEG supports only three awards for the most meritorious proffered papers in molecular epidemiology!  The title of her abstract is "Integrating Pathway Analysis and Genetics of Gene Expression for Genome-wide Association Study of Basal Cell Carcinoma".